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A librarian and information technologist by profession, my career spanned virtually every position in academic, public and special libraries from shelver to media specialist, public library director to associate university librarian, and director of academic computing to dean of learning resources & instructional technology.  In 2008 I authored Beloit’s Club Pop House (Arcadia Publishing), a photographic history of my favorite music hangout as a teenager.  If you’re on Facebook, check out one of the special interest pages I administer, Wisconsin Garage Bands 1960s or Wisconsin Rock Concerts 60s and 70s.    My life was shaped by many personal experiences.  Media has been an important influence, not only the books I read and the films I watched, but the music to which I listened, learned to play and occasionally performed.  My stories explore that common thread.  If you landed on this page, just click “HOME” above and cue up your favorite LP, CD, cassette, 8-track or digital download.  Or enjoy my radio show where you can hear “that playlist in my head… the soundtrack of my life… a Life Out of Tunes.”  Tune in and turn it up!  Happy reading… and listening!

~All stories are copyright Joe Accardi for Life Out of Tunes.Self 1

6 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. Hey Dave and Joni! Great to hear from you. Will get back to you later for sure. I’m off to bed. Got a late nite DJ subbing gig coming up Tuesday midnight into Wednesday 2 am. Zzzzzzzz. Joe (Syl says hi back)


  1. Joe, Tony Mauhar passed away last week. I’ve worked with him for a decade and we became fast friends. He regaled me with NLT stories! Life is too short.


    1. Oh Matilda! I am so very sorry to hear that. Thank you for notifying me. I hope he’s playing and singing with my cousin Mike who we lost several years ago. Peace.


  2. I’d love to hear Tony’s stories about the No Left Turns! I was the keyboard player added after the band won the Beloit Battle of the Bands. I’m the one in front kneeling in the poster photo. My first real band where I actually got paid! Lots of memories at the Pop House too. One story about Tony I remember involves booze. I think it was brandy, or whisky. And I was in the 9th grade!


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